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About me – and JANX

My name is Kathryn Harper, and I am the creator of JANX.

I have two rapidly growing children and live in Wanaka, New Zealand which is an incredibly beautiful part of the world. I am highly sensitive and prone to anxiety, so as much as I can I make it my mission to honour my needs so I can feel grounded and balanced as I go about my days. It wasn’t always like this …

I was a socially anxious pre-teen who had suffered from selective mutism as a younger child, and elements of the condition stayed with me. As an older teen I developed eating disorders, depression, and then alcohol dependency. Into my 20’s I began to suffer from frequent night terrors.

I sought help with medication, meditation, and various forms of therapy, both self-directed and facilitated. Over the 10-15 years that followed I have moved mountains in my efforts to make peace with my anxious ways, but as a highly sensitive person it doesn’t take much to push me back over the edge.

In my opinion, managing anxiety is a bit like healthy eating. It is not something you can do just once, but instead is something to be incorporated into your lifestyle.

In mid-2016 I became very busy with work, and I let my emotional and mental health slip. It was a gradual decline, but I realised that anxiety had crept its way back into my life in a big way, and I decided to do something about it.

I created JANX as a method of incorporating various different anxiety-relieving techniques into my life. I found it so helpful, I decided it needed sharing – and since then I have been developing the concept and the design whilst raising funds on Kickstarter to launch JANX into the world. JANX weekly was a development which incorporates self-care and reminders about how special, capable, talented and worthy we all are.