Why I buy myself flowers (and why you should too)

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Other than myself, the last person to give me flowers was my son. He gave me a bunch of dandelions. I put them in a small glass of water, and felt a warm glow every time I looked at them. 

Flowers, no matter what variety, are a beautiful expression of love. I’ve never been much of a romantic, but there’s something special about receiving flowers. Something that makes us feel, well, loved.

For a long time I thought flowers – and the joy they bring – was a luxury that would come my way only when someone else thought to treat me. Both my kids have picked me flowers from time to time, but in truth a bunch of flowers is an extremely rare (but always welcome) surprise.

Unless …

It’s important to treat yourself too

I had never stopped at the flowers before, but on this particular day they seemed to be a little more prominent than normal. I decided to take a look, and was pleasantly surprised to see that there were some very affordable bunches of lilies. Yes, they were on special, and yes it was a very simple bunch, and no I probably wouldn’t have bought them if they’d been full-price, but they weren’t.

This was the first time I had ever bought myself flowers, and although I felt that I did deserve them, I didn’t feel like I deserved them enough to spend more than $5. Even $5 was quite a stretch at the time, especially for something that felt hugely indulgent and not at all necessary.

Lucky for me, this bunch was only $4.50.

$4.50 of sunshine, joy and love every time I looked in their direction.

I bought these flowers for myself, and every time I looked at them in the next week I couldn’t help but smile. I felt worthy, loved and very special. Crazy as it may sound, I hadn’t before realised I could provide these feelings for myself so easily. This indulgence was turning out to be worth every cent and in hindsight probably one of the more necessary items I had purchased on that particular weekly-shop.

Do you love yourself enough to buy your own flowers?

It’s a simple enough thing to do, but buying flowers for yourself signifies so much more than you might think. Not only is it an amazing way to show yourself appreciation and love, it is also a way to meet your own needs and bring extra joy into your life.

I used to think that flowers should be given as a gift, but there’s something that I find even more special about receiving them from yourself. Self love. Self appreciation. Self worth. Meeting your own needs, wants and desires. Showing yourself that you are enough.

If you haven’t done this before (or even if you have, but your last bunch of flowers is over a week old) I challenge you to treat yourself today. Buy yourself some flowers. No matter what the price, the impact upon your sense of self is absolutely worth it when you care for yourself in this way. I promise.

And when you have, why not tell me about it in the comments. I will be delighted to hear about it!

adminWhy I buy myself flowers (and why you should too)