Pick up a pen

Journaling is an amazing tool for your mental and emotional health …

Gain clarity, release old feelings and ideas, and move forward within your life.

Decide what you want, write it down, and go out there and get it.

We all have challenges that stand in our way. We all have pasts that have shaped us, childhood beliefs that no longer serve us and desires that feel way out of reach.

We all deserve the life we would choose for ourself, and we all have the capacity to live it, no matter what.

Are you ready to take your next step?

Pick up a pen and start journaling with JANX.

JANX journal

Designed for teenagers and adults with daily and weekly page outlines to help you relieve anxiety and gain clarity.

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JANX junior

Designed forĀ 6-12 year old children to help with emotional literacy and to gain an early journaling habit.

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It is my mission to create empowering products that connect people with their own ability to heal and achieve their potential.

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